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Hello and welcome to my wiki! I'm Skill SoniaMb, YouTube animator and artist, and here you can explore my creations! :3

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Skill, (Darkill), Sunny, Cookies, Biscuits, RAnDOm, Gradienett, Bluink, Nightlight, Balloon, Grandma Quilten, Rumemo, Mayrose, Madame Pomme and Monsieur Patate DeTerre, Rawrine, Paintbow, Furcloud, Supernova, Puzzlez, Kneet, Dooble, Butter, Aemi, Keines, Gami, Taia, Berri, Maeple, Honey, LeafCharell, Sapling, Redpaw, Ember, Pet Rock, Dewdrop, Twig, Dead Cytoplasm, Basic Lee, Unknown, Bunny, Bob Simply, ...

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Comics may be posted on here, some of which will involve my OC backstories, or just their daily lives.



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Includes drawings of characters, reference sheets, plans and sketches.

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Stories about characters - alternate universe stories or imagined situations included!


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Animals - Kilkils and other species, as well as Kilkil hybrids! Find out about them here!
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